Working with the Church of Mozambique, Plus the Churches of other Portuguese Speaking Countries in Africa and in Portugal

May 15, 2021 0 By bakas37

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The past months have certainly continued to be a challenge for all of us in different ways as we continue to feel the effects of the pandemic. In Mozambique, as well as the challenges of COVID, there have also been additional difficulties, such as from cyclones earlier this year that swept across the centre of the country. Then, in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, there has been continued violence which has caused so much grief. Yet, in the midst of that happening, God is continuing to move through His Spirit all across the world, and we thank God for how He continues to lead us so that, in the midst of all the anxieties, we still find His peace and light.
At the same time, we remain so very grateful for all your continued support and prayers for the work of Project Mozambique-Plus, including in responding to our appeal which has enabled us to help a number of families, plus churches and their communities, following the cyclones. This letter is a further update of the continued work that we are able to do through your support and prayers, as we continue to help equip local churches in Mozambique as they seek to serve their communities. Also, in this edition, we write of how we are also providing some support for Portuguese speaking Guinea-Bissau…

Support following cyclones

As mentioned above, the response to our appeal following the cyclones was a very significant help for many, both in the city of Beira and in rural areas. A good number of families received help with the purchase of food at a time when prices had risen significantly, and crops had been lost through flooding. In addition, we were able to work together with another mission called ‘Growing Hope’ which is helping some rural communities through agriculture projects. It is always good when we are able to work together as we can then do even more. Part of our help for Growing Hope also included Christian literature, and some MP3 players with Scripture recordings which we had in stock.
In addition, we were able to provide support in communities where we have been working with churches for a number of years. We are continuing to monitor the situation to see if there are families in need of support at this time. Below, are two photos where we were able to help provide support through very kind response.

After a time of COVID restrictions, the Sunday school work has been able to restart in some areas. This recent photo is of a group of children from a rural area near to a town known as Marromeu that we wrote about in our previous letter.
Meanwhile, here in Portugal, Cámica has been busy preparing a new activity book with lessons for Sunday schools called ‘Constructing Character’. It is part of a series of lessons called ‘Growing in Christ’. Please continue to pray for this very fruitful work, and for the children who receive the Sunday school activity books. We look forward to sending updates of this work from other parts of the country very soon.

Literature for Prison and Hospital

In our October news/prayer letter, we wrote about how we had sent 600 Bible studies to the main prison in Maputo, following a request from a member of a ministry working in prisons called Paula. This prison ministry was formed by a small group of people from local churches, and as a result, there is now an actual church in the prison. Now, just this week, we have received from Paula a request for further Bible studies for this same prison, and for ex-prisoners who meet regularly for prayer.
Also, interestingly, Paula has heard from health workers that a number of people, who are in hospital with COVID, are requesting portions of the Scriptures, as they have a great hunger for God’s Word and are meeting together for prayer. We do have a simple booklet called ‘The Message of the Cross’ which consists of verses from the Bible, and so we are preparing to send 1,000 copies of this booklet to Maputo for both the prison work and for those in hospital. So, we thank God that we can assist in this way.

Children from the Bethel Home of Guinea-Bissau. The pastor here in Portugal who is preparing to send out the pallets. Pastor Samuel Trancoso, was a colleague of Cámica at Bible School.


Back in the 90s, we used to receive Christian literature from an organization in Portugal called the ‘Sword of the Lord’. We would transport this overland to the UK from where it would be shipped to Beira in containers for the mission we were with at that time. The man who led this work back then was Sr. Trancoso who was always very helpful. Sr Trancoso is no longer with us, but his son, Samuel, who is a pastor of a Baptist Church and also supports Christian work in Africa, is arranging to send out some material for a children’s orphanage and local churches in the Portuguese speaking country of Guinea-Bissau in the northwest region of Africa. And here at our mission centre in Portugal, we do have some of the material they need, which includes primary school material for the orphanage and Bible studies for local churches. So, during the next few days, we will be filling up our car to transport this material to the collection point.
For us, this is very interesting, because some years back Cámica felt a calling for this country. The reason we have now got ‘Plus’ on our name is because of helping other Portuguese speaking countries in Africa. So, we thank God that we have so much of what is being requested already at hand, all of which will be shipped out to Guinea-Bissau on pallets.

Cabo Delgado Province

News of the continuing brutal violence in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, which is being reported on Portuguese and UK news channels, has been a great concern. It appears that the main group that is behind the violence is part of the Islamic State. However, there have been other suggestions as to the cause of the violence in the province, because it is rich in minerals and gas resources, and where there is also much poverty. What is clear to see, is the huge suffering that has been caused, as people flee the area to take refuge in the provincial capital of Pemba. Please do pray for an end to this very tragic conflict, and for healing among broken lives and communities.
(image: Refuges fleeing the violence in Cabo Delgado.)

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Thank you so much for all your connued support and prayers.
May 2021,
Chris and Cámica Hemborough.