December 2021

December 20, 2021 0 By bakas37

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Chegámos àquela altura do ano em que podemos olhar para trás e fazer uma retrospetiva e reconhecemos como e We have arrived at the me of year when we can look back and reflect – and we can recognize that at all mes the Lord has been faithful. We are grateful to have a part in God’s marvelous plan, and we remain grateful for your prayers and faithful support.

The Almighty God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, is the one who guides all of us through valleys and days of uncertainty, and who keeps us safe.

So it is with immense gratude that we can look back through the year of 2021…


Again another year of many challenges for everyone.

Right at the beginning of the year the centre of Mozambique was suffering from a series of cyclones, bringing back memories of the devastation from Cyclone Idai in 2019. This time the situation was not as bad, but the production of food suffered due to the destruction of crops from flooding in the fields. We are very grateful for your prompt response to our appeal that helped some families with food supplies.

The government introduced a number of restrictions to control the COVID pandemic and, as a result, schools and churches were closed for a significant part of the year. Despite all of this our office in Beira was able to remain opened.

We sent material to Maputo for a prison, and also for hospitals which included children. To the north we sent evangelistic material for centres where people had been displaced from the violence in Cabo Delgado province. We also sent material to support local churches, including near to our base in the central city of Beira, and to the northern province of Niassa.

A large quantity of material was printed by our team in Beira, including more activity booklets for children and Bible studies for the adults. Furthermore, there was still the opportunity to print material for other organizations, so our team has been very busy and the ‘Risograph’ again showed that it was an important tool for the work we do.

In addition, it was still possible for the team to travel and encourage the Sunday school teachers and their classes.


We are grateful that we could help a little in this excellent project in Portuguese speaking Guinea-Bissau; sending literature and other useful items that we had received at our mission centre here in Portugal. We thank God for Pastor Samuel Trancoso in Portugal who, with others, collected goods to send to the Bethel Home.

We remain grateful to those who continue to help us in Portugal by collecting material for countries such as Mozambique and, on this occasion to Guinea-Bissau. We remain especially grateful to Scripture Union of Portugal for the support they have provided over many years with their Bible reading notes which continue to be a blessing to many. It is a privilege for us to sll help SU with the wring of some of these notes.


We thank God for the translation work that we have had throughout this year.

Para o Chris foi um ano de grandes caminhadas, descer vales e subir serras… e descobrir a beleza das

For Chris this was a year of hiking into valleys and mountains, and discovering the beauty of the ‘Schist (Xisto) Villages’ situated in the northern mountains of Lousã. For Cámica this was an opportunity to rest and take time to admire the beauty of the countryside – and the peace in those marvelous places.

We attended the retreat for those involved in missions in the northern town of Esmoriz, and took part in services at the ‘Good News’ Church in Lisbon.


We were in the UK for 10 weeks vising family and friends. We enjoyed being at our church, The Bible Chrisan Centre at Haselbury Plucknett. We were also privileged to help as volunteers in Lee Abbey and enjoy the beauty of Exmoor.

We celebrated the birthday of Chris’ mum – at the lovely age of 94. It was good to see all the family again, that has grown with the addion of two new babies. In Wales we did some work in Ana’s house. It was also good to be with Peter and his fiancée Natalie. This me Timothy had to stay back in Portugal where he works from home.


Our team in Mozambique have just distributed acvity books to Sunday schools with the Christmas message; including to this very large Sunday school 115 kilometres from Beira (Photo arrived today). Further Bible studies have also been distributed to church leaders. We thank God for all that has been achieved during this past year.

Donations for the work of Project Mozambique-Plus can be sent to our treasurer: Mr Robin Barnes, 6 Speke Close, Merriott, Somerset, TA16 5PX.
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Project Mozambique is a registered charity, number 1074456.

Thank you so much for all your connued support and prayers.
December 2021,
Chris & Cámica Hemborough