The news & prayer letter of Chris and Camica Hemborough

November 8, 2020 0 By bakas37

Dear Friends and Supporters

It has certainly been a very different and challenging year for all of us around the world due to the pandemic. Many plans have been put on hold and lives have been disrupted. But what has not stopped through all this is the work of the Lord. Although our church buildings were closed, the Church is not about buildings. It’s about God’s people, active here on earth, the Body of Christ, with Jesus Himself as the head. Thus God’s plans, of reaching out to a lost world with the Good News of salvation through the death and resurrection of His Son, have continued – just as when Jesus came into the world and was moved to great compassion as He observed how that the multitudes were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd (Matthew 9:35,36). The Church has remained very active, its mission has continued and different forms of communication been put to good used with the result that more people have been reached. We share more on this in this letter, but first news from our base in Beira with the work in Mozambique, all of which has benefitted so wonderfully through your support and prayers for which we continue to be grateful.

Bible studies for those in prison…

Earlier this year we received an interesting request from a member of a small group of Christians who have been faithfully working in a large prison for men in the capital of Maputo. Within the prison a church had been established and Paula, a member from the team working with this church contacted us to ask if we had any Bible studies for a large group of men wanting to grow in their new found faith in Christ Jesus. Late in July of this year our team was able to send a supply of 600 Bible studies to Paula and the team which have since been used in the prison. It has been very encouraging to receive news of lives transformed in Christ Jesus through their prison work, and to see videos clips of the church services there. We also received a sound clip from a prisoner who finished his very moving testimony quoting from the apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians (chapter 2:21): “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain”.  Wonderful words from a man who found Christ in prison. We hope to have more testimonies to share of lives been transformed in Christ by this new link. Please pray for Paula and all the team who work faithfully with the prisoners in the church of the Mabalane prison in Maputo.

Like many other parts of the world, the churches in Mozambique have now been able to reopen their buildings after weeks in which the believers could only meet in small groups in houses to read the Bible and to pray. With the reopening of buildings, we have again been asked for more Sunday school activity books. Our team in Beira have restarted the printing of Sunday school material for children and young people and Bible studies for adults. One area that uses our Sunday school material is a town close to the Zambezi river called Marromeu. Here there is a large sugar plantation which employs a considerable number of people from an area incorporating a large number of small villages. The churches here have used the Sunday school activity books very intensively for some time and are now looking to restart again following the restrictions. In addition to Marromeu some other areas in the centre of the country are also asking for more of the activity books to restart their Sunday schools. Please pray for all these Sunday schools. Please pray too for the redistribution for all the Bible study material that our team is again printing and which helps people find in God’s Word the peace that we can all have in Christ Jesus, even when there is much turmoil around us.

The photo is an aerial view of Marromeu. The river Zambezi is just off the photo. We have been working with many churches in this very large area since the 1990’s.

Working with other missions through translation work and other news

As mentioned at the start of this letter, throughout the pandemic the work of the Lord has been continuing. It has been encouraging to read emails from missions in different parts of the world which have been making good use of the internet since the lockdowns to reach out to many groups of people with whom they are working. One result from this is that we have both found ourselves busier than we have ever been as we continue to do translation work for a number of our mission partners who are working in Mozambique and other Portuguese speaking countries in Africa. Many of these missions have been putting more of their material online to enable more people and their churches to continue to have access to all the material available. This had already been happening before the pandemic but without doubt it has increased. At the same time, it is important to remember that there are many groups of people who have limited or no access to the internet, so the printing of material remains very important, including material for children. However, the use of the internet is undoubtably accelerating the work of the Lord as we draw nearer to the day when Jesus returns.

In this photo are three members of our team, Maria, Joaquim and lnacio. They are collating some Bible studies we have printed. Missing here is Pastor Cazan9a who works in the schools.

So during the past few months it has been encouraging to translate further for Harvesters (Church planting), African Pastors Fellowship, Manna Publications (Bible commentaries, Global Recordings Network (Scripture recordings), Chosen Children, Bible Extension Education, Mission Educate, Beacon Light—to name a few of the missions we work with who are advancing either with online programs, or through the printed word. It is very encouraging to be helping all these missions as we translate for them, and we thank God that we are able to be part of all that He is doing in the world at this time.

In our earlier letter this year we wrote of plans to introduce Peace Clubs in schools, and the plans for the Project-Hug initiative that Rute and J6natas from Portugal are starting. These two projects are currently on hold but they will go ahead as soon as conditions permit which we believe will be during the coming year. In addition, we are planning to send out further material from Portugal to Mozambique, including more school books for libraries, and further Bible studies from Scripture Union. Please pray for the continued planning of all this work.

Coronavirus and conflict in Mozambique…

At the time of preparing this letter the official statistics show that there have been a little over 10,000 confirmed cases in Mozambique, with more than 70 deaths and 7,550 who have recovered. We keep the whole of the African continent in our prayers, along with many other parts of the work, including here in the UK and the rest of Europe.

 very serious situation in Mozambique has been the conflict in the northern province of Cabo Delgado (marked on map) where a violent group, claiming to have links with Islamic state, has been raging terror against the local population. Many of the people in that province have moved to the safety of the city of Pemba. Please do keep this situation in your prayers.

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