Pastor Manuel Alface

March 23, 2020 0 By bakas37

Following a lengthy illness Pastor Manuel Alface, who was our national representative of Project Mozambique – Plus, passed away during the night of Tuesday 24th March 2020.

We had known Pastor Manuel for many years, right back to when Chris first went to Mozambique in 1992. At that time Brother Manuel, as he was then known, was secretary of a group of churches known as The Apostolic Gospel Church in Mozambique. Manuel was always a very well organized man who had a real heart for the work of the Lord. It was always a joy to preach in the churches of which he was secretary, and we travelled considerable distances with him to visit churches in very rural areas. Manuel then became the national pastor of the Apostolic Gospel Church in Mozambique. following the death of their previous national pastor.

In 2002 Manuel agreed to become our representative. This was a big help for us because it is a legal requirement in order to be registered. Then, during the years that followed our registration, we were to always appreciate Manuel’s advice and help in the work that we are doing.

About four years ago Manuel suffered a small stroke, but he was still able to continue to fulfil his role as our representative, and also to continue in his role as national pastor of the group of churches that he was part of. But he then suffered a series of further strokes which caused his health to further deteriorate. During Cámica’s recent visit she was able to provide further medical assistance for Manuel, but on the morning that she left Mozambique news came through that Manuel had suffered a further stroke from which he never recovered.

We thank the Lord for the life of Pastor Manuel, for his faithfulness to the work of the Lord, knowing now that he is now home in His presence with all the countless saints who have gone before. At the same time, we remember his wife and family in prayer, and the church that he had pastored.

The photo below is of Pastor Manuel in front of his house following the cyclone. He is with Cámica and our secretary Maria.

Christopher Hemborough