Update from Cámica

May 8, 2019 0 By bakas37

Dear Friends and Supporters
Greengs from Beira, Mozambique

This past week has been a busy one where I’ve understood even more the reality many people are sll living in. I see how important it is for people here to share what they’ve have gone through with others. Only now have many people in Beira begun to see videos of the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai. Many hadn’t even realised that such a large area was affected – without television, radio, or any other form of communicaon, while there was no electricity, it wasn’t possible for them to have all the information that we, from the outside, had. There is a lot of solidarity with the people of northern Mozambique who were affected by Cyclone Kenneth. And a great desire to start again.

I have visited four of our team members’ houses. Visiting the neighbourhoods where they live, I can see people are trying to resume their lives in a more or less normal way. The children play whilst their mothers look a7er their families. Many houses have been le7 without roofs. Others have been completely destroyed. People collect rubble that might sll be useful for rebuilding. Some people have been able to obtain tarpaulin or plastic to use as covers. Other people have managed to take advantage of zinc roof sheets which, although damaged, are be9er than sleeping in the open. Many trees were uprooted and they now serve as logs, or even wood to rebuild houses. The trees that weren’t uprooted, a7er being pruned, are already being covered with green leaves once more.

Now we have plans in place for the repairs that need to be done on our team members’ houses, and so we are able to start the building works.
At the end of last week, I travelled with Maria and Joaquim to Lamego. During the two hour journey, I could see a lot of how people outside the city of Beira have suffered. Part of the main road has been completely destroyed, and seeing it close up was even more impressive – to imagine the force of the water needed to destroy it!

In Lamego, Alfredo, who we have worked with for more than twenty years, has been a driving force in the development of the children’s work in the area. He has motivated many churches to create Sunday Schools and to train the Sunday School teachers to work with children. Nineteen churches with around twenty-five teachers took part in the seminar we held there. Maria taught our practical course for Sunday School teachers directly in the Sena language. Following this, I spoke with Maria translating. During this session I focussed on the fact that the Church is made up of the believers, it is not the building. Even if the building has fallen, the Church of the Lord remains. I also spoke on the responsibility we have as a church, and the impact that we should have in our communities, both in the way we live and in taking the Gospel to the lost.

We had a break where we gave juice and biscuits to a large group of children that had gathered there. We also distributed teaching manuals and more than 600 activity books. A7er lunch, which Alfredo had organised, we had a second session. This me Joaquim translated into Sena. I presented one of the Sunday School lessons where God chose David to be King of Israel. All this helps the children, and their communities, as they recover from the shock of what they went through following Cyclone Idai.

Once again I could see in those believers, many of them sll young, the desire to take the Word of God to those who sll don’t know Him.
Please continue to pray for Mozambique. Pray that the people of God here can rebuild their lives, firm in the Rock that is Jesus.

Together in the work of the Lord,
Cámica Hemborough