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April 20, 2019 0 By bakas37

More than a month has passed since Cyclone Idai struck central Mozambique. Whilst news from Mozambique has died down in the media, communications have been restored with some of the affected area and this has allowed us to receive news directly from our team. Maria da Graça has been our spokeswoman and is faithfully updating us with the reality being lived by many affected by the storm, particularly in the city of Beira. She also shared her own and her family’s experience of the night the storm made landfall in Beira:

“That night – it was terrible. The wind was so strong that when it blew down the wall and took away the roof of the house, we thought that we would also be carried away by it. Then came the torrential rain and we were afraid of being carried away by the floods. I honestly thought that it was my time to go to glory! But the Lord closed the door, because there is still much work to do!”

One thing we have found in the wake of the destruction of the Cyclone is the profound impact this has had on church leaders. They have seen the destruction of their homes, the homes of their fellow believers, and their churches. These churches have been built from the fruit of many years of sacrifice and hard work in order to have a place of worship. The lack of news about their congregations in rural areas also led to discouragement. How do they support their congregation in the wake of such devastation, especially as people ask why God would let something like this happened? And how do we support them? Maria, along with the rest of the team, has a suggestion: “The Pastors need to be encouraged so that they can encourage their congregations! And we have to bring them words of hope and faith.”

It is not just rebuilding people’s houses that is important. Rebuilding people’s lives is just as important, and the Word of God can have a great effect on this. Our church family in Mozambique, the team of Project Mozambique – Plus, are very grateful because the Lord protected them. They are grateful that our office did not suffer any damage and now, with the restoration of electricity, they have begun printing material again to meet the great need of the local churches.

They are also grateful that people in Portugal and the UK have not forgotten them, providing the funds to attend to their most urgent practical needs, such as the purification of water, the provision of medicines, food, the purchase of mosquito nets, and then for the reconstruction of their houses.

But there is something more that Christians in other countries can do, and that is to write messages of encouragement for people in Mozambique. This is the request we would like to make. We ask that if anyone has a Bible verse of encouragement, or a message, to send this to our email address:
Or on WhatsApp: (+351) 913 585 675.

Then we can take the messages and make them into leaflets to be distributed. We have the equipment to do this and a team of enthusiastic people who, despite suffering greatly themselves, want to make an impact on the lives of those around them.

Final update…
Cámica has this to say: “I have a trip scheduled for April 24th. I’m staying in Beira until June 2nd, and my colleague from Project Mozambique – Plus are already filling up my diary. In addition to helping them rebuild their homes and seeing where we can support other pastors, with whom we have a strong connection, we must spread the message of hope, trust and faith in the God who never abandons us. This is their desire, and it is certainly mine as well.”

With grateful thanks for your support and prayers,
Chris and Cámica Hemborough.