Team Portugal ‘18…

December 15, 2018 0 By bakas37

The first member of our team to arrive was Rute Vivas travelling with Cámica. After arriving in Maputo, Mozambique’s capital, Rute and Camica visited a project called Helping Hands whose work includes supporting children with special needs, particularly physical disabilities.
They then travelled north to Beira where Rute helped in an orphanage in the nearby town of Dondo. Rute works with children in her local church in Portugal, so her skills were much appreciated in Mozambique. You can just about pick Rute out in the midst of all the faces in the photo on the left.
At our mission base in Beira, Rute was very helpful as we prepared and printed more material for Sunday Schools. She is seen on the right with Cámica and our secretary Maria. We are very grateful for all that Rute did in Mozambique. Please continue to remember Rute in your prayers, both in her employment and in all that she does in her local church.

Jónatas and Rute Santos arrived in Mozambique about a week after Rute Vivas. They also spent time with Helping Hands in Maputo before travelling to Beira. After a short time helping at our Mission Base, Chris took them on a long journey to the town of Milange near to the Malawian border. The ESPANOR mission is based here. Their work includes setting up and supporting children’s clubs in rural communities that provide Bible-related games and activities, all linked to local churches.
Jónatas and Rute spent a busy two weeks helping to train the leaders and visiting these clubs in various rural communities.
In Portugal, Jónatas and Rute are actively involved in youth and children’s work in their local church. In addition to being in fulltime employment, they are also studying at night in a local Bible school, so they were well equipped for their busy time in Mozambique. We thank God for all that they did.

While Jónatas, Rute and co. were in Milange, the final part of the team arrived. This was a drama group from Portugal known as FUNtoche. With the help of Cámica and Joaquim from our Beira team, they did a drama presentation at the hospital in Maputo. Then they travelled to Beira where they did their drama presentation for large numbers of children in locations in Beira and in the city of Chimoio for Chosen Children – a mission we work with from Canada. The ‘pirate’ standing at the very back in the photo just below on left is their leader called Paulo who, with his wife Andreia, are old friends of ours.
Before the FUNtoche group travelled out to Mozambique they raised almost 900 euros in Portugal to help Helping Hands purchase two new wheelchairs for children. We thank God for all that FUNtoche did, and pray for the work of Helping Hands and Chosen Children.

While we thank God for the very fruitful and successful visit of the team from Portugal, we pray that the seeds that were sown during their time in Mozambique will continue to produce more fruit. Please pray that their experience in Mozambique will be a springboard for them into more mission work, either at home or further afield.
Please continue to pray for our team, especially for their health. As we thank you for all your continued prayers and support we pray that you all have a very blessed Christmas and New Year.

God bless,
Chris, Camica, Peter, Ana and Timothy, plus our team in Mozambique.