News from the Mission Centre in Portugal - And beyond

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Sponsored walk: The 100 mile sponsored walk that Chris did last September, from Clovelly to Minehead on the South West Coast Path, was a great success. The good news is, that we are now able to advance the purchase of a new Risograph printer for our Beira base. We are grateful to all who sponsored Chris, and thanks also to those from our church, the Bible Christian Centre, who walked with Chris on one of the days.


The printer will be a huge help in printing the Sunday school material and Bible studies, along with other material that we print. The purchase of the new Risograph will be made in February when Chris will be in Mozambique for a month. We thank God for this good news.


Portuguese team for Mozambique: One of our hopes and plans, since we have been based back in Portugal, is that we can take a team from Portugal out to Mozambique. Wonderfully, plans are now well in advance for this to happen in July/August.


Please pray for all the preparations that need to be made, and for the actual team which includes a young married couple, Jónatas and Rute, plus Bruna, Débora and Rute. More information will follow shortly.


Sunday school activity books for Portugal and the UK: We have now started a project in which Sunday school activity books are being sold here to Sunday schools in Portugal, with the profits going towards helping to supply more Sunday school material for the churches in Mozambique, where this work continues to grow.

Likewise, if there are any in the UK who would like to use our activity books, in Sunday schools or midweek Bible clubs or in any other children’s activities, this can be done as we now have material in the English language. The material is easy to use, not expensive and will help the Sunday schools in Mozambique. Just to give an idea of how a little can be a big help, we recently calculated that it costs just 4 pounds to keep a Sunday school with 25 children supplied for about 8 weeks… This includes the following…

2 manuals for the teachers.

25 activity books for the children and young people who attend.

Coloured pencils to enable the lessons to be done.

Help towards the costs to travel out to deliver the material.

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Chris at the Clovelly carpark, ready to start the walk.

The group from the Bible Christian Centre that walked with Chris on the second day.

One of the many spectacular views from the South West Coast Path.

‘The long and winding road’. View of coast path continuing on into the distance.

Another view, this time Lee Abbey can be seen in the distance where Chris stopped over on his last night before the 22 mile section on the last day through to Minehead.

Activity book (Portuguese version) with lessons on Paul, and teacher’s manual.

Teachers trained to use our activity books with children in their schools

Sunday school class in a church in Mozambique.

So, if you or your church are working with children, and would like to use our activity books with a view perhaps, to even create an African theme for a few weeks, and so learn a little more about Africa, then please contact us for prices at


In Mozambique itself, we thank God for Sunday schools in the town and district of Marromeu that recently received more Sunday school material, and for churches in the Nhamatanda and Monte Xiluvo districts, that recently received further Bible studies.


Please also pray for the health of our team, especially our representative, Manuel, who has recently been very poorly.


Translation work: It has been a busy time in regards to translation work which Cámica has been doing for missions and organizations working in Mozambique. The work is interesting and varied, ranging from the translation of manuals related to the construction of dams for agriculture projects, across to material for evangelism and teaching of the Scriptures in churches. In addition to this, Inácio, a member of our team in Beira, has been helping to translate some Bible study material from Portuguese into the Sena language for rural churches in the centre of the country.


The translation work  remains a very important part of the work we do, and enables us to join and work together with others in God’s harvest fields. We therefore would greatly value your prayers for this work, remembering the importance of having good quality translations so that the work of God can continue to move forward to reach and touch many more lives and communities.


Chris and Cámica.

(From the Mission Centre- 11-01-2018)