News from the Mission Centre in Portugal - And beyond

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AGM of Project Mozambique – Plus

The AGM of Project Mozambique – Plus will take place on

Wednesday 11th October 2017


at the

Bible Christian Centre,


Haselbury Plucknett,

Nr. Crewkerne,


TA18 7QX.


All who are able to attend are most warmly welcomed and will be able to hear more about the work that we are doing. If you would like further information then please contact us at:


Sponsored walk:

Beginning next Monday, 11th September, Chris is doing a 100 mile sponsored walk on the section of the South West Coast Path in England from Clovelly to Minehead. This is to raise further funds for the work of ‘Project Mozambique – Plus’. One area where funds are needed is for our printing facilities in Beira where our Risograph printer, after printing more than three million copies, is now showing considerable ware and will need to be replaced.


Others from Chris and Cámica’s church in the UK will also be walking some sections with Chris. If you would like to sponsor Chris, or any of the other walkers, then please contact us at:


News from our team based in Beira

At a recent church conference in Mozambique Maria (from our Beira team on left) was asked to distribute our Sunday school material and explain how it was to be used. As well as people from Mozambique itself, there were people from the same church group in Malawi and Zimbabwe. She therefore had to be translated into three different languages— Sena, Shona and Chechewa!!  [ Image1 ]


Joaquim and Maria sort through some of the school books at our Beira base to send out to local schools for their libraries. We thank God for the doors that remain open to work in the local schools.  [ Image2 ]


The Image3 shows books for the library that we have set up for local church leaders at our Beira base.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Maria at conference.

Joaquim and Maria.

Books for the library that we have up for local church leaders.

MP3 players from Good News Media.

Boxes for Mozambique.

During the time that Chris was recently in Beira our team received another  delivery of MP3 players from Good News Media, (again loaded with Scripture recordings in the Sena language) which Inácio continues to distribute. Please pray for Inácio who distributes both the MP3 players and Bible studies. In the photo Inácio checks some of the solar panels on the older MP3s. [Image4 ]


From our Mission Centre in Portugal

We thank God for being able to send out more literature, this time to the north of Mozambique. The photo shows some of the 72 boxes (now on their way) awaiting collection. A large quantity of the literature are Bible reading notes and Bible studies from Scripture Union in Portugal, and school books that will provide a valuable resource for school libraries in Mozambique.  [ Image 5 ]


Chris and Cámica.

(From the Mission Centre- 02-09-2017)

Hi Everyone.

Our recent update this time focuses on our team in Mozambique. This is the time of the year when there is normally considerable rain which can make it difficult to work in some areas. Never-the-less Maria was still able to visit the town of Gorongosa recently to train more Sunday school teachers and to distribute more activity books. She even managed to do a lesson herself with some children the following day, as can be seen in one photo. So we thank God that Maria’s time in Gorongosa was very productive.


Meanwhile back in Beira preparations are been made for the commencement of our work this year in the state schools which is headed up by Pastor Cazança.  We are also planning for this same work in schools in Chimoio through Vincent of Chosen Children in Mozambique. Please pray that the doors will be open for this work in the schools in Chimoio, as well as in more schools in Beira.  In the meantime Inácio is translating inito the Sena language a Bible study course based on John’s Gospel. Vincent and Inácio are already using this course in the  Portuguese language.


Chris and Cámica.

(From the Mission Centre- 01-03-2017)

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Maria with Sunday school teachers and children in Gorongosa.

Maria with Sunday school teachers and children in Gorongosa.

Maria with Sunday school teachers and children in Gorongosa.

Pastor Cazança with a class of school children.

Inácio (on left) explaining to a church leader how to use one of the bible courses that we distribute.

Vincent from Chosen Children with whom we also work.